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France Boulogne sur Seine Inondations Usines Automobiles Butterosi Ancienne Photo 1924
France Boulogne sur Seine Floods Automobiles Butterosi Factory Old Photo 1924
Year: 1924    Price: €150.00
Photographer: MISC
Categories: Cities, Towns - Disasters
Country: France

Royaume Uni Devon Woolacombe Sands Mortehoe Bords de Mer anciennne Photo Stereo 1865
United Kingdom Devon Woolacombe Sands Mortehoe Old Stereoview Photo 1865
Year: 1865    Price: €20.00
Photographer: ANONYMOUS
Category: Seaside, Lakes & Rivers
Country: United Kingdom

Royaume Uni Ile de Wight la Cote Needles ancienne Photo gravure 1900
United Kingdom Isle of Wight Coast Needles Old Photo print 1900
Year: 1900    Price: €16.00
Photographer: ANONYMOUS
Category: Seaside, Lakes & Rivers
Country: United Kingdom

Port de Guernesey Statue de Victor Hugo ancienne Photo Meurisse 1932
Guernsey Port Statue of Victor Hugo Old Meurisse Photo 1932
Year: 1932    Price: €25.00
Photographer: MEURISSE
Categories: Architecture (Other) - Monuments, Fountains
Country: United Kingdom

Russie Troupes Allemandes Tirant sur Troupes Russes Tranchees WWII WW2 Ancienne Photo 1941
Russia German Troops Firing at Russian Troops Trenches WWII WW2 Old Photo 1941
Year: 1941    Price: €25.00
Photographer: NEWS SERVICE (Misc)
Category: WWII
Country: Russia

France Marine Paquebot L'ATLANTIQUE après l'incendie ancienne Photo Meurisse 1933
France Marine Ocean Liner SS L'ATLANTIQUE after fire Old Photo Meurisse 1933
Year: 1933    Price: €25.00
Photographer: MEURISSE
Categories: Water Transportation - Disasters
Country: France

France Paris La Police au secours des Sans Logis Soupe Chaude Ancienne Photo 1954
France Paris Police serving Hot Soup to Homeless Old Photo 1954
Year: 1954    Price: €35.00
Photographer: NEWS SERVICE (Misc)
Categories: Social documentary photography - Occupational
Country: France

Royaume Uni Pays de Galles Betws-y-Coed Pont Waterloo Ancienne Photo Stereo Bedford 1865
UK North Wales Betws-y-Coed Waterloo Bridge Old Stereoview Photo Bedford 1865
Year: 1865    Price: €35.00
Photographer: BEDFORD
Categories: Architecture (Other) - Forest, Trees, Gardens
Country: United Kingdom

France Paris Pont Neuf Statue Equestre Henri IV ancienne Photo CDV 1870
France Paris Pont Neuf Equestrian Statue Henri IV Old CDV Photo 1870
Year: 1870    Price: €20.00
Photographer: ANONYMOUS
Category: Monuments, Fountains
Country: France

France Paris Hotel des Invalides Chapelle Napoleon I anciennne Photo Stereo Transparente GAF 1860
Paris Hotel des Invalides Napoleon I Chapel Old GAF Photo Stereoview Tissue 1860
Year: 1860    Price: €35.00
Photographer: GRAU
Category: Religious Architecture
Country: France

France Paris Jardins et Palais du Luxembourg Ancienne Photo Stereo 1870
France Paris Palais du Luxembourg Palace & Gardens Old Photo Stereoview 1870
Year: 1870    Price: €16.00
Photographer: ANONYMOUS
Category: Cities, Towns
Country: France

Suisse Alpes bernoises Vallée Riviere Innerer Fisistock Doldenhorn ancienne Photo Stereo 1875
Switzerland Alps Valley River Innerer Fisistock Doldenhorn Stereoview Photo 1875
Year: 1875    Price: €20.00
Photographer: ANONYMOUS
Categories: Mountain - Seaside, Lakes & Rivers
Country: Switzerland

Royaume Uni Lake District Borrowdale vue du Border Stone anciennne Photo Stereo GW Wilson 1865
Lake District Lookin up Borrowdale Bowder Stone GW Wilson Stereoview Photo 1865
Year: 1865    Price: €25.00
Photographer: WILSON
Categories: Seaside, Lakes & Rivers - Mountain
Country: United Kingdom

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